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Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014, 15:55

roof bars for vw passat variant GL 1987

Hello everybody,

I'm Charles, from France. I own a passat variant GL 1.8L 90ch from 1987. I bought it last march, the car was in good condition but now I want to make it even better but I need to find some original parts. I'm looking for the roof bars specific for the GL version. Does someone know where can I get it ?
Thanks for you help,

Kind regards,


Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014, 21:34

Hi Charles,

is your car darkblue?

The best source to find these bars should be
Search for "Passat" "32b". The problem is, that there is no specific word for these bars in german. Try "Dachträger", "Streben", "Träger".

At there is also a branch for adverts, called "Kleinanzeigen": No auctions but regular private offers.

Another possibility should be to make an announce like this under

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